Further products

Further products

Pine syrup

They are prepared in a uncooked way, so they contain the agents more concentratedly. They are free of preservatives. They must be kept in a cool place.

Price: 2500/glass (200-220 ml)

  • Against cold diseases,
  • in case of fever, throat and laryngitis,
  • we generally use it at complaints of respiratory organs.




Wild garlic

   - dried

   - pesto

   - wild garlic salt

  • Even among herbs it has an outstanding effect.
  • Due to its agents more therapeutic effect are well-known: it decreases the blood pressure and arteriosclerosis,
  • improves the memory,
  • corrects the cardiovascular functions,
  • destresses the level of cholesterol




    - tincture

    - dried

  • It is a natural sweetener.
  • Its regular consumption is able to balance the blood glucose level.
  • Decreases the blood pressure , but for healthy people it does not cause blood   pressure fall. 
  • Due to its antibacterial effect and favourable mineral content it is excellent…..


Ragweed dried


Milk thistle oil