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Healing drops from plants

When I got to  village I didn’t understand why many women tear and cut the nettle with sickle eagerly. I received a quick answer for my question: the piglits and ducks like it very much. Later I got to know that the immensely simple plant has a healing effect too. I read only praising about this wildly growing healing plant in the well-known book of Maria Treben.  Among the other things -  the „pharmacist of God” – writes that the nettle regulatest the metabolism of the whole body. It can be used to different illnessess.

Fist of all it is diuretic, reins the diarrhea, alleviates the bleeding. As it is alterative, it can be extremely recommended to spring courses. It has been consumed as a kind of foodstuff for a long time

I met the products and its other similar ones - made from this plant – and its tictures closed in vials at an event, where its manufecturer also supplied other healing products.  Noticing my curiosity he invited me to his garden in order to see  how he made these healing preparations with my own eyes. The undergrowth of the old orchard, which seemed untached by human hand, is full of wildly growing herbs which are jealously kept by the family. The strait kitchen of the third floor in a block of flats is often used as a sort of lablatory by the family of Béla  Jász. The Zalaegerszeg couple dish out and mix the dried products gained from herbs and fruits and those healing preparations which are made by soak. The dosage of them is refined with the help of Béla’s computer and then he closes some portions into small bottles and others into small packets. His wife, Maria is on the job of labeling.

 Both of theim are graduated  teachers,  but Maria as an unemployed  works at home with the leading of her husband. Just now thery are dealing with the  increasingly popular Wild garlic. They are making excuse for  „fragrances”   spreading int he small flat, but this product has got this only one bad nature. Talking about their activity they are  admitting that - as a primary producer- Béla was the innovator of this activity.

On the Bozsok hill we have got a small estate with a lot of native fruit trees and shrubs. Mainly we started working with the processing of that crop. We make syrups, jams and fruit cheeses  from our fruits and we distribute them packed – told me Béla while he was describing the area and he added that he discovered the hidden treasures on the depth of the vast forest walking in that.  After that he found  several herbs he started studying their literature and gathering them in.

In this way he got to know closer the  wildly growing plants which had been strange for him until that time learning for what they can be used.  Now he holds them in esteem very much and protects  these plant species which seem useless to others, so he rarely scythes the area which seems untached in this way. He enclosed the small estate with hazel in order to avoid the contact with any pesticide from other neighbouring areas.

During our wandering and gathering we acquired knowledge about herbs.  From our stock we bravely made a certain kind of infusion for our children if they were ill, so we rarely went to the  drugstore - Maria  took over the word .  My husband firstly experimentalizes our every product after  a profound examination.  By now I am a regular consumer of that  tincture for instance which is made from nettle and those drops which are diluted properly, this is a very good drink. The drops – made from this plant – clear the blood, stimulate the blood circulation, have a beneficial effect on the veins, as well as on the heart. With the usage of it my aching shoulder  and my cervical vertebra have recovered. Ergo the nettle is excellent to the rheumatics, a plenty of drinking course makes wonders. This is my own experience.  Béla Jász highlights the thorough cognition of herbs that he did on his side with the studying of literature.  According to him it is needed to follow the written rules, which is done by him toghether with his wife. After that they started processing. Since that time they have gathered  a lot of plants in and dried them using the warmth of the sun. Then following this with the soaking  they extract the values of the plant.  This is an essential moment of the preparation  of the product, so if it is necessary,  when the weather is cold or cool they have to dry the harvested raw materials artificially since the delay can lead to depravation and mold.

 As these are sensitive plants , therefore I start working with the simplier ones. One of these is the nettle, because this is easily cognizable, workable and it can be utilized well. Beyond this we also willingly work with the first spring wildflowers. Of course, it is needed to walk in the forest  that I do since the beginnings- says Béla Jász.  Initially we took our collections to the market in their raw contition, later we changed to sell the processed products. Our customers highly praise these.

The passage of time the choice has been broaden. For example, they prepare  syrups from those kinds of fruits and plants which are useful in terms of preserving health, and which are aslo favoured as soft drinks. Such a frequently cited nettle is also a kind like this. Its sypur likewise sweet to soft drinks, it is similar to the syrup of the herb elder.